Another step towards “The Newsroom of the future”

The second professional news user case workshop took place on May 11th. The workshop was in a hybrid format with some of the participants online and others in person at the AFP headquarters in Paris. It was moderated by the VUB team, along with AFP and Sparknews. It lasted 3 hours and we had 8 journalists from Ireland, Slovenia, Czech Republic and France, from TV, Radio, print, agency profiles.

After a first news professional face to face workshop in February with essentially French participants (journalists and media professionals, along with journalism students), this second hybrid workshop was composed of journalists from different countries and included professionals that already had an experience with XR. They were first shown how XR tools are already used in the media and what our Transmixr tech partners are already capable of doing.  During the workshop, the professional attendees were asked to imagine a media concept that would include XR tools and to describe the production process that would be needed to publish it. The participants were divided into two subgroups during the brainstorm exercises and met again in plenary to describe the concept they had imagined. Two totally different ideas emerged : a one hour experience, inspired by the Escape game model, on the theme of the 2024 Olympics. For the second concept, in a shorter format, the VR would be used to immerse the viewer “in the life of” : a historical figure, a homeless person… The results will be synthesised by VUB and presented during the next TRANSMIXR general assembly to all partners in June. 

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