Mission & Ambition

Mission & Ambition

Beyond the passive consumption of one-size-fits-all media content, the media experience of the future will focus on cross-border collaboration between media organisations and inclusion of citizens as co-creators, mediated through social XR experiences that guarantee diverse and inclusive participation. The unique combination of AI and XR core technologies will advance the state of the art in media production, delivery, and consumption. 

  • The mission of TRANSMIXR is to introduce leading-edge technologies and experiences built around public values: to inform & entertain, to connect & inspire, to educate and empower;
  • Its ambition is to strengthen the democratic mission and competitiveness of the European Cultural and Creative Sector with intelligent AI and XR technologies that are user-centric, transparent, trustworthy, inclusive and accountable.

The TRANSMIXR team will work on the following challenges:

# 1

Redefine existing workflows and processes for meeting the requirements of the CCS and enabling them to create novel immersive media experiences.

# 2

Understand and process complex media content at scale, in order to provide the right modular tools for helping content creators to handle the increasing volume and diversity of media content.

# 3

Create novel XR creation tools, as collaborative environments for professionals to naturally collaborate remotely and push the boundaries of what is possible; and

# 4

Deploy new environments for the consumption and adaptation of novel Social XR narrative productions, enabling interconnected experiences across a range of devices, increasing audience involvement and participation.

To overcome these challenges, CCS professionals need a new set of modular tools, adapted to their workflows, for the understanding, creation and distribution of the TRANSMIXR media experiences. Using the Living Labs methodology, TRANSMIXR will develop and evaluate a number of pilots that bring the vision of future media experiences to life in four CCS domains:

News Media & Broadcasting



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