Newsroom of the Future: Newsroom Toolbox


This Use Case aims to transform news content creation with cost-effective AI and XR tools, improving storytelling and workflow efficiency for reporters while engaging diverse audiences.

The Problem

The goal is to achieve this by providing a cost-effective, user-friendly breaking news monitoring tool that enables newsrooms to create captivating XR experiences.

The Solution

The solution focuses on innovation by offering reporters immersive and interactive XR storytelling tools. This includes a holistic approach incorporating creative use of archives and various media types easily accessible through the XR experience. 

Target audiences

Technical enthusiasts, professionals like journalists and broadcasters, public institutions, sports enthusiasts willing to try new technologies and e-sport organisations.


Through immersive experiences, users can better understand complex scenarios like climate change in an alpine valley. With a guided headset experience, accessibility is ensured for all users. Ultimately, we aim to create interactive ways to access trusted news content, boosting engagement and offering an easier and quicker workflow for professionals.

Partners involved

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