Performing Arts


The performing arts use case explores the potential of immersive and XR technologies in the performing arts industry. It offers an immersive theatre project that demonstrates how physical and MR (Mixed Reality) can be combined, using motion capture and volumetric capture technologies, bridging virtual and physical worlds. This approach allows audiences to engage and actively participate in the story experiences reshaping the performing arts scene.

In a performance created by SATORE, actors alongside a cast of musicians and various restaurant patrons, are brought to life through a mix of live performances and advanced capture techniques, including motion and volumetric capture. These characters, each with their rich backstories and motivations, interact with the audience in a dynamic environment, enhancing the narrative’s depth and engagement.

The Problem

The lack of R&D departments in most companies and houses, and the widespread misunderstanding of the potential of immersive and XR technologies, are not seen as another way of creating new performances. To tackle this issue, individuals and organisations need to fully grasp those possibilities in the field of performing arts.

The Solution

Creating a showcase that enables users to experience the possibilities of immersive theatre. Through this showcase, users can engage with immersive experiences, gaining insights into the innovative potential of immersive theatre.

Target audiences

Choreographers, Directors, Designers, Artistic Directors, Musicians, Performers, Dancers, Opera, Theatre, Audiences for Opera, theatre, dance, music and Immersive theatre, VR/AR Enthusiasts. Additionally, we aim to engage the audience both within and out of the traditional venue settings and festivals interested in enhancing their event experience with immersive content.


The benefits of immersive theatre showcases include providing a framework for performing arts organisations, enabling them to explore new ways of working and distribution models. These tools offer a streamlined approach to creating immersive experiences empowering organisations to innovate and reach the audiences in new ways. Costs are a crucial factor for most organisations in the performing arts space, therefore a framework to standardise approaches and reduce barriers will lead to greater interest and adoption of XR experiences, thus realising new and different revenue streams.

Partners involved

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