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  1. CWI | PointPCA+: Extending PointPCA objective quality assessment metrics
  2. CWI | Subjective Qality Evaluation of Point Clouds using Remote Testing
  3. CWI | Correlation between Entropy and Prediction Error in VR Head Motion Trajectories
  4. CWI | On the Impact of Interactive eXtended Reality: Challenges and Opportunities for Multimedia Research
  5. CWI | Towards Volumetric Video Conferencing
  6. CWI | Emerging Telepresence Technologies for Hybrid Meetings: an Interactive Workshop
  7. CWI | Evaluation of point cloud features for no-reference visual quality assessment
  8. CWI | VR2Gather: A Collaborative, Social Virtual Reality System for Adaptive, Multiparty Real-Time Communication
  9. CWI | Mediascape XR: A Cultural Heritage Experience in Social VR
  10. TCD | A Virtual Reality Volumetric Music Video: Featuring New Pagans
  11. TCD | The potential of extended reality in Rural Education’s future–perspectives from rural educators. Education and Information Technologies
  12. TCD | Avatar Customization, Personality, and the Perception of Work Group Inclusion in Immersive Virtual Reality
  13. TCD | Utilizing virtual reality to assist social competence education and social support for children from under-represented backgrounds
  14. TCD & HSLU | Feel the Music!—Audience Experiences of Audio–Tactile Feedback in a Novel Virtual Reality Volumetric Music Video
  15. TCD | Multimodality: Exploring Sensibility and Sense-Making Beyond the Metaverse
  16. TCD & HSLU | A Case Study on Student Experiences of Social VR in a Remote STEM Classroom
  17. TCD & HSLU | Realtime-3D Interactive Content Creation for Multi-platform Distribution: A 3D Interactive Content Creation User Study
  18. TUS | Towards a symmetrical definition of QoE: An Evaluation of Emotion Semantics in Augmented Reality Training
  19. TUS | A Comparison of Gender Differences and Performance Metrics in a VR-Based Auditory Selective Task
  20. TUS | Physiological Synchrony in a Collaborative Virtual Reality Task
  21. TUS | A QoE and Visual Attention Evaluation for 360° videos with non-spatial and spatial audio
  22. CERTH | An Integrated System for Spatio-Temporal Summarization of 360-degrees Videos

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