Newsroom of the Future: News Broadcast


This use case investigates the use of immersive technologies in news broadcasting workflows. It seeks to reimagine how a traditional linear news broadcast bulletin might be produced and delivered to audiences. The studio itself will use vr/ar/xr technology to deliver an enhanced presentation using volumetric video and interactive elements. From the production side, it introduces a Virtual Production Gallery for live events that could be used in three scenarios:

  • Studio-based gallery – live TV broadcast with all production team in one room using headsets;
  • Fully remote in several locations, the production team works in a virtual space together;
  • On location – with some production staff feeding back into a live programme from a location.

This use-case transforms news broadcasting by integrating immersive storytelling and real-time data to engage audiences. Utilising XR headsets and 3D content, viewers are transported into a virtual studio environment for an immersive experience. By integrating 360 cameras and 3d video content, news stories gain depth, realism, and better understanding.

The Problem

Traditional news broadcasting is feeling a decline in the viewer’s interest. Through innovative approaches and technologies, such as immersive storytelling and real-time data integration, it aims to make news broadcasting more engaging and responsive to audience preferences.

The Solution

Leveraging immersive technologies to captivate and involve the audience in a new way. By utilising XR headsets and 3D content, viewers are transported into a virtual studio environment. The integration of a virtual studio connected with a 360 camera enables dynamic storytelling and a new way of consuming the news. 

Target audiences

News production teams, including editors, directors, producers, journalists, technical directors, broadcast coordinators and studio technicians. End-user target groups are audiences interested in innovation and early adopters of new technology.


The benefits of utilising 360-degree content for news broadcasts include enriched storytelling, improved workflow integration, enhanced creativity and greater freedom, remote production and collaboration possibilities, and the fostering of sustainability and innovation within the industry. 

Partners involved

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