Milestones & Deliverables


The following key milestones have been identified for TRANSMIXR reflecting the iterative and incremental approach taken through the living labs methodology.

Milestone 1

Approach for user centred design & living lab methodology defined

Living Labs methodology ready to be applied. Initial user requirements gathered and use case concepts created. System architecture ready. DMP and ethical guidelines ready.

Milestone 2

Social, Functional and Ethical Requirements defined

Analysis of social and ethical considerations complete. Use case concepts validated and ready to be turned into pilots. Functional requirements for pilots defined.

Milestone 3

First and updated versions of the XR environment ready for pilots

Each of the modular software components have passed pre-pilot stage testing.

Milestone 4

Initial evaluation of the pilots

Initial evaluation of pilots completed and reported for further technical improvements.

Milestone 5

Intermediate evaluation of the pilots

Intermediate presentation and discussion of pilot results with consortium partners (workshop).

Milestone 6

Pilots completed & Final version of the TRANSMIXR Platform

Final evaluation of the pilots completed. Final implementation of the TRANSMIXR platform released.

Milestone 7

Exploitation, capacity building and transferability actions implemented

Capacity building and transferability activities completed. Delivery of detailed Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Agreement and proposed business models that will include overview of individual and joint marketing and sales efforts, partnerships with key industry players.


More details on the exciting project deliverables coming very soon!

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