Methodology & Pilots

TRANSMIXR will apply a living lab methodology which is based on an iterative and human-centred design approach. The iterative approach and involvement of relevant stakeholders from the start of the project, will support and facilitate an iterative technical development process, in which user feedback is provided and integrated in the whole development cycle.

Pre-Pilot Phase

Requirement Analysis and Co-Creation

Here, the user & technical requirements will be defined, together with the definition and design of the use cases. For each use case, we will employ dedicated co-creation sessions. In these sessions, the specific needs of the user groups will be derived and translated into a set of social, functional and ethical requirements as input for the specification of the use case scenarios and for the technology development. The user and technical requirements will therefore be further discussed and refined in a workshop with all project partners.

Pilot Phase

Exploration, Experimentation and Evaluation

For each use case, we foresee an iterative approach with three distinct pilot phases. In a first phase, the developed prototypes will be tested and developed in a more controlled setting. In phase 2 and 3, we move towards an open pilot with a more mature proof of concept, increasing the number of testers accordingly.

Post-pilot phase

Impact Assessment, Exploitation Plan and Training Programme

In this phase, we will focus on an overall pilot impact assessment, evaluation of the cross-sectoral transferability of results and stakeholder engagement activities in addition to exploitation activities. 

The modular tools created as part of TRANSMIXR will be progressively evaluated and showcased via four pilots: 

UC1: Newsroom of the Future: Production

  • Use Case Owner: AFP
  • Use Case Content: AFP, RTVSLO, SPARKNEWS, TG4
  • Use Case Technology: Intel, TCD, CERTH, WLT, MOD

UC2: Newsroom of the Future: Consumption

  • Use Case Owner: TG4
  • Use Case Content: AFP, RTVSLO, SPARKNEWS
  • Use Case Technology: Intel, CWI, VRAI, IMM, TUS, TG4

UC3: Performing Arts

  • Use Case Owner: SATORE
  • Use Case Content: SATORE, Khora, 
  • Use Case Technology: CERTH, HSLU, CWI

UC4: Museum Experiences

  • Use Case Owner: NISV
  • Use Case Content: Khora
  • Use Case Technology: CWI, TUS

As part of the TRANSMIXR Living Labs framework, pilots are key project checkpoints to evaluate the human centred workflows and technologies in an iterative and end user informed manner

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