TRANSMIXR contributes to talks on Immersive Culture & Storytelling at Onward

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) explores the allowances the emergent XR platform permits rather than developing a story and trying to fit it.  They presented examples of how storytelling can be enhanced via immersion, interaction, and imagination, and how XR has been stymied by attempts to commercialise this emergent storytelling media in creative practice.

The Onward series was organised by Eirmersive (a group in the immersive sector in Ireland) with support from Meta. Eirmersive kicked off the ‘Onward’ event series in Dublin in November 2022 (#1); subsequent events took place in February (#2) and April 2023 (#3). Onward #1, #2, and #3 featured in-person proceedings featuring XR professionals, AR/VR companies, and tech demonstrations from Ireland and beyond. The series brought together the immersive industry of Ireland to network, share cross-sector knowledge, and learn about new immersive technologies’ value and impact in the enterprise and creative sectors.

Transmixr attended these events and contributed to talks on Immersive Culture & Storytelling at Onward #2. Gareth W. Young (TCD) discussed “The Unique Affordances of Immersive Technology for Modern Storytelling.” 21st-century storytelling includes contemporary digital media that allows people to use immersive technology to share stories through unique and imaginative narrative styles. While storytelling has a long and varied history, novel extended reality (XR) technologies present a unique multimodal approach that embraces audiences and storytellers in constructing interactive and imaginative 3D virtual worlds. Thus, storytelling with XR has emerged as a powerful narrative tool that can engage and stimulate storytellers and their audiences in new and exciting ways and various contexts.  

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