TRANSMIXR Presented at the CWI Spring School on Social XR

The TRANSMIXR Project was presented during the Spring School on Social XR, organised by the  Distributed and Interactive Systems group (DIS) from CWI. Niall Murray, project coordinator, gave the talk “Discovering Horizon Europe Projects: TRANSMIXR – Ignite the Immersive Media Sector by Enabling New Narrative Visions”. The event took place on March 13th – 17th 2023, and attracted 33 students from different disciplines (technology, social sciences, and humanities). The program included 18 lectures, 4 of them open, by 20 instructors. 

“The future of media communication is immersive, and will empower sectors such as cultural heritage, education, manufacturing, and provide a climate-neutral alternative to travelling in the European Green Deal”. With such a vision in mind, the organization committee created a holistic program around the research topic of Social XR. The program included keynotes and workshops, where prominent scientists in the field shared their knowledge with students and triggered meaningful conversations and exchanges. 

The program included topics such as the capturing and modelling of realistic avatars and their behaviour, coding and transmission techniques of volumetric video content, ethics for the design and development of responsible social XR experiences, novel rending and interaction paradigms, and human factors and evaluation of experiences. Together, they provided a holistic perspective, helping participants to better understand the area and to initiate a network of collaboration to overcome current limitations of current real-time conferencing systems. 

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