Webinar – Can New Immersive Technologies Prompt New Narratives for Positive Social Change?

New immersive technologies are the talk of the town: from Social XR, AR to VR, these new technologies have found their way into spaces such as theatre’s, museums, and newsrooms and shown their ability to change the way stories get shared and consumed by the public.

But beyond the form: can these technologies present an opportunity to change the actual story and accelerate positive social change? To mirror the world more accurately and offer a better representation of our societies?

On July 5th, let’s take an hour to chat with 3 leading experts in the field and discuss if and how immersive technologies could lead the way to more inclusive and gender balanced storytelling. You can register here free of charge.

Whether you work in tech, are a tech-aficionado in your free time or simply a curious observer, this will be a good place to take a closer look at the impact and transformational potential of immersive technologies. 

Webinar Recording

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