Tupac Martir’s Pioneering Production UNIQUE on Stage at Sonar Festival in Barcelona

Merging live music, creative arts, and immersive technologies to create a mixed-media experience like never before Tupac Matir of SATORE Studio presented his truly “UNIQUE” show at the Stage+D By MEDIAPRO at Sonar Festival Saturday 17th June in Barcelona! In recent years, Martir has drawn international appraisals for his creativity in producing immersive work by using cutting-edge technology, as made evident also in is work ‘Haita’, presented last year.

This performance combines in a ‘unique’ and distinctive way elements of augmented reality, live music, generative audio and visuals driven by a degree of improvisation. Tupac Martir conducted the dancer, singer and musicians on stage, while the audience was able to engage with multiple realities on their tablets and phones. Satore are developing their production of Unique for Sonar. This is built on the foundation of Performative-R. Performances that are cutting edge and the true intersection of theatre and cinema. 

And it was nice to see the TRANSMIXR logo featured during the performance!

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