Volumetric Video in TRANSMIXR: pushing the boundary of capture technology

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TRANSMIXR partners CWI, CERTH, HSLU, Satore Studio, TCD and TUS held a workshop from the 18th to the 20th of  January 2024 at TUS in Athlone. The workshop ran for 3 long but rewarding days. The aim of the workshop was to test volumetric video and motion capture systems from the different TRANSMIXR partners. 

Further to the TRANSMIXR team, local dancers from the Attitude Dance academy, the TUS drama club  and local Irish dancers provided the capture teams and the director, Tupac Martir of TRANSMIXR partner Satore Studio, with the choreographed movements that were recorded by each system. Since we were in Ireland, a few traditional Irish dancing steps were also thrown in for good measure!

The workshop took place in the basketball arena on the TUS Athlone campus. There were several aims for the collaborative effort. Experiential data was captured from all the key stakeholders: the director, the technical teams and the dancers. Furthermore, in terms of capture quality, the various systems were tested in terms of: capture area size; number of persons to be captured simultaneously; impact of movement type on capture quality. Finally, a range of additional metrics concerning system level aspects such as load in time, reconfiguration time, calibration time, energy usage and amount of data captured across the different systems were secured.


This was an excellent opportunity for the TRANSMIXR team to test their various technologies and secure a baseline set of metrics from which informed decisions can be made going forward. This piece of work is what large scale Horizon Europe projects are all about and it would not have been possible without Horizon Europe support. We are very excited to release the results of this experiment across all the aforementioned aspects in the coming months – stay tuned! 

Those who took part in the workshop are dancers Eoin Cameron, Amanda Keyes, Aleesha Gibbons, Alison McManus, Amy Dolan, Cathy  McKenny, Rebecca Coffey, Padraic Hassett. The TRANSMIXR team included Tupac Martir, Rubin Shah (Satore Studio), Jack Jansen, Thomas Röggla (CWI), Gareth Young, Colm O Fearghail, Nivesh Gadipudi (TCD), Antonis Karakottas, Dimitrios Pattas (CERTH), Bryan Dunphy, Conor Keighrey, Eoghan Hynes, David Concannon, Niall Murray, Grace Dinan (TUS).

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