Dive into the future of immersive experiences at IMX 2024 workshops

IMX 2024 workshops

Dive into the future of immersive experiences at IMX2024 workshops.

The TRANSMIXR and XRECO projects are excited to announce their participation in the upcoming ACM Interactive Media Experiences Conference (IMX 2024)! This renowned event brings together the brightest minds in immersive media, and we are thrilled to be a part of it. 

At IMX 2024, we are co-hosting two workshops that delve into the forefront of immersive content creation and exploration: the Video4IMX Workshop and the ISIM Workshop 

Join us there to learn about the latest research, network with leading experts, and explore the future of immersive experiences! 

Video4IMX Workshop: Mastering Video for Immersive Experiences 

The Video4IMX Workshop, taking place on the morning of June 12th, focuses on the vital role of video in the creation of immersive experiences.  

The workshop will explore the use of a wide range of video formats, including: 

  • Classic 2D video 
  • Interactive video, which allows viewers to influence the course of the video 
  • 360° video, which provides a complete spherical view of a scene 
  • Volumetric video (3D recordings), which capture the entire 3D space of a scene or object 

Video is a powerful tool for creating rich and engaging environments. Imagine being transported to the heart of a news story or virtually exploring a museum exhibition – all thanks to the magic of video! 

But to make these experiences truly seamless, we need efficient ways to find, organize, and adapt video assets. The Video4IMX workshop tackles this challenge head-on! We will explore the latest research and development in all areas around the creation and management of descriptive metadata for video (particularly as used for integration into immersive experiences) 

Additionally, the workshop aims to explore methods for adapting or converting video content to best suit its intended purpose and use within these immersive environments. 

What you will experience at the Video4IMX Workshop: 

  • Deep dives into the latest research: Learn about innovative tools and techniques for integrating video into immersive experiences. 
  • Hot topics: We will be exploring everything from extracting data from video (think super smart captions!) to using AI to create 3D objects and scenes from videos. 
  • Real-world examples: See how video is being used to create immersive experiences right now. 
  • Connect with the community: Network with other video and immersive experience enthusiasts!

The Video4IMX Workshop is a must-attend event for anyone involved in:

  • Video research 
  • Immersive experience development 
  • Anyone curious about the future of video 
  • Head over to this website for more information 

ISIM Workshop: Reimagining Storytelling and Interaction in Immersive Media 

The ISIM Workshop, also happening on June 12th in the afternoon, explores the vast potential of emerging immersive media technologies. These technologies, like point clouds, light fields, and Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF), are poised to revolutionize how we create and interact with content. 

Imagine feeling the texture of a virtual object in a museum exhibit or having a conversation with a character in a movie! The ISIM workshop explores these possibilities and more. 

What you will experience at the ISIM Workshop: 

  • New storytelling techniques: Learn how immersive media can be used to craft more engaging and interactive narratives. 
  • Innovative interaction methods: Discover how haptics, multi-sensory experiences, and other innovative techniques are redefining content interaction. 
  • The future of content creation: Dive into the potential of AI-assisted tools and other emerging technologies for creating immersive media experiences. 
  • Network with the leaders: Connect with researchers, developers, and content creators who are shaping the future of immersive media.

ISIM is a must-attend event for anyone who wants to be part of the next wave of immersive storytelling!

Together, the Video4IMX and ISIM workshops offer a comprehensive look at the future of immersive experiences.
We invite you to join us at IMX 2024 and explore the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

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